Cinemosity 107 – The Last Dragon

Cinemosity 107 – The Last Dragon


The poster for the last dragon, the character leeroy is in the foreground while a cityscape looms in the backgroundFeel the rhythm of the night with Cinemosity! There’s a bit of Oscar talk (not too much, mind), the catastrophic box office for Gods of Egypt and much associated schadenfreude, and good Flint stuff. Also much rejoicing over the Mya Taylor win at the Independent Spirit Awards for Tangerine, and the SHOCKING revelation that Tidal hasn’t been paying artists their royalties. You know, the thing they based their entire pitch on. PLUS the Mcconaissance is over. It’s fucking over. Also, some SJW ranting about corporatism and the impending death of MSNBC because fuck ’em.

Luckily we have a fun movie! It’s 1985’s THE LAST DRAGON starring Taimack, Vanity and Julias Carry as the SHO’NUFF the Shogun of Harlem! This is gleefully 80’s in every way and a tremendous amount of fun. No much neon, so much cheese, and fights!

Our next film is David Ayer’s SABOTAGE starring Arnie, Sam Worthingtron (Actorbot 2000) and that gorgeous slab of man meat Joe Manganiello. It’s on Netflix.

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