Retro Superplex 12 – How You Say…

Retro Superplex 12 – How You Say…


CHIKARA's dastardly Ultra Mantis Black holds aloft the Eye of Tyr which he can use to control other wrestlers' minds
Ultramantis Black with the infamous Eye of Tyr!

Diving recklessly between the ropes AT YOUR FACE is the Retro Superplex podcast! The Faces of Fear of podcast hosts bring you a whole bunch of pro rasslin’ news and views. There’s some talk about WWE and the Roadblock event and then we hit the indies! Martin saw (most of) Ring of Honor’s 14th Anniversary PPV and even goes as far as to picking one match as a potential MOTY candidate. Martin also attended CHIKARA’s Evil Ways show in Philly and gives a rundown of the show including some important story happenings. Also more video game shenanigrams including the continuing iffy Street Fighter V release and that alleged new Coleco console. Lotsa Retro Superplex-y fun!

Justin: Super Double Dragon
Martin: Our Ropocop Remake

Music comes courtesy of Barry Leitch!

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