Retro Superplex 16 – The X-Factor

Retro Superplex 16 – The X-Factor

Rmysterioetro Superplex Double Impact is here to throw you around like a rag doll then powerslam you to audio heaven. The guys rave about Lucha Underground’s superb AZTEC WARFARE show, a battle royale the way the Aztecs would have wanted it! A lot happened on that show including the debuts of both Rey Mysterio Jr. and the Monster Matanza! The guys give their reactions to what is probably the best wrestling on TV in North America right now. Martin and Justin also talk about the quagmire of next week’s WRESTLEMANIA and both give booking predictions one good one horrible.

Then talk turns to video games as they talk about Amazon in Japan now shipping to the US and how one business *cough*PLAYASIA*cough* had a public Twitter meltdown about it. They also talk about JIM STERLING getting sued by a couple of idiots and share the goodies that the two recently got from each other when they did a good old fashioned video game trade. See you on Tuesday!

Justin: Robotron: 2084
Martin: Tex Montana Will Survive! for free!

Music comes courtesy of Barry Leitch!

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