Retro Superplex 13 – Good Ass Wrestling

Retro Superplex 13 – Good Ass Wrestling


Japanese wrestler Hayabusa in crossed arms pose
Hayabusa 1968 – 2016

Retro Superplex is going to send you crashing to the mat with the latest episode! First off there’s a little bit of talk on the sad passing of Hayabusa. Then there’s a recap the week of March 6th’s damn good actual quality wrestling! Good stuff on Raw, NXT and Lucha Underground make up for some really boring and bad booking. Plus why was William Regal so unhappy at he beginning of NXT? Weird right? There’s also video game talk such as an update on Street Fighter V, Microsoft sucking, and amazing news about the possibility that Nintendo is going to fund a long-awaited video game sequel! After Bayonetta 2 ended up being a great game and certainly gave some love to the more hardcore gamers will this other title do the same? Also, we call Famous B in the hope that he can make us famous!

We’ll be back with reports from live shows, and more of the stuff we normally do that you love. After the break there are three amazing wrestling matches referenced in this episode so check them out and enjoy!

Justin: Rocket Knight Adventures on Genesis
Martin: Deathsmiles on PC/Xbox 360

Music comes courtesy of Barry Leitch!

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Warning with this next one, it’s when Hansen hit Vader so hard his eye almost came out of his head!