Retro Superplex 14 – Rock Lords

Retro Superplex 14 – Rock Lords


Lucha Underground's Matanza stands in a darken open doorway covered in the blood of his victims

Hitting a Death Valley Driver to your consciousness it’s Retro Suplerplex! The final show before the brand split the guys talk a whole buncha ‘rasslin. Justin went to a Wildkat show and reports back and Martin got to see Ring of Honor in South Philly and had a hell of a time. Then another great episode of Lucha Underground has the guys geeking out especially when we finally saw the monstrous MATANZA! Martin also waxes lyrical about “The Accidental Phenomenon” HOODSLAM which brings the most alternative form of pro wrestling perhaps anywhere to Oakland the first Friday of every month. Also Gobots ruining childhoods, especially those damn Rock Lords.

Starting next week Retro Suplerplex is coming to you TWICE A WEEK on Tuesday and Thursday. Tuesday will be more wrestling-focussed and to celebrate the brand split we will have special guest The Dark Sheik of Hoodslam! So go check out some Hoodslam wrestling and tune in for the fun next Tuesday.

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Justin: Yo! Noid
Martin: Wrestling Isn’t Wrestling and Cool Guys

Music comes courtesy of Barry Leitch!

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