Retro Superplex 15 – Dark Sheik and Hoodslam!

Retro Superplex 15 – Dark Sheik and Hoodslam!


Hoodslam wrestler Dark Sheik holds his best athlete in the east bay championshipIt’s the start of the Retro Superplex brand split and to (Pele)kick off the all-wrestling edition of Retro Superplex we are joined by the DARK SHEIK, one of the founders and stars of Oakland’s accidental phenomenon HOODSLAM! Dark Sheik has been bringing an awesome alternative independent wrestling promotion pretty much unlike anything else you may find out there. We talk his early love of wrestling through to forming Hoodslam and then watching that grow into the monthly event it has become. Dark Sheik talks some key storylines, some of the great talent that graces the Hoodslam ring. That includes mucho love for “Ultra Girl” Brittany Wonder, Pissed Off Nerdy Gamer, and guests like the Vampire Warrior Gangrel and Brian Kendrick!

Retro Superplex will now be going live twice a week every Tuesday and Thursday. We’ll be back on Thursday with Retro Superplex Double Impact, see you then!

Watch Dark Sheik lead his team The Bay City Union live in Texas in Territory League as part of Wrestlemania Weekend!
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Hoodslam’s ENTERTAINIA 2016 coming April 1st!
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