Cinemosity 115 – The Prince Episode

Cinemosity 115 – The Prince Episode

Prince performing during his Nude Tour in 1990Sorry for the delay on this one but this wasn’t easy to put together. As soon as we knew Prince had passed on we knew we had to dump whatever else we were doing and do an episode focussed on the artist. This is largely unedited, raw and emotional. Prince was not merely a performer, he was so much more than that. He was an inspiration, he was a man proud of his blackness and inspired generations to own their ancestry and to be themselves. So many artists that came after him we wouldn’t even have it wasn’t for Prince and the pain that has been felt at his passing has been a profound one. Not just because 2016 has claimed yet another beloved famous figure but because of what he meant the to the black communities he helped. Hear as we talk not just about his incredible talent and his amazing music but also the philanthropic side of the mad that so few knew about. Hear stories of how he used his money to help many in need but that he never talked about.

Then our movie is PURPLE RAIN which caused Prince’s career to absolutely explode into the stratosphere and defined an entire decade of music and style. A reminder that though we have lost him, we still have his many creations and the legacy left by his immense generosity that will be touching lives for decades to come.

We also speak about the sad passing of Joanie Laurer AKA Chyna of WWF fame. Taken from us so soon at the age of 45 we speak a little about how she became the Mia Farrow of WWE and how she never recovered from how she was treated.

Not an easy show but hopefully it might help ease the pain a little much like it did for us to record it. See you next week for Comic Book Movie Month.

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