Cinemosity 112 – Mortal Kombat

Cinemosity 112 – Mortal Kombat

Cinemosity brings you all kindsa stuff, comic movies, messy family stuff, Blade Runnner 2 stuff, and the sad reality of sex work. Then it’s TIME FOR MOOOOOOORTAL KOMBAAAAAAAAAAAT! It’s Video Game Month and we kick things off with maybe the KING OF VIDEO GAME MOVIES Mortal Kombat. It’s goofy as heck and cheesy in parts but it holds up remarkably well because it actually has some respect for the source material and it’s really well-shot. Check it out and enjoy! Video game movies really don’t get any better than Mortal Kombat and if that sounds like damming with faint praise well, yeah it kinda is.

Our movie next week is DEAD RISING: WATCH TOWER that’s free to watch on Crackle!

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Into and outtro music from STREET CLEANER featuring guitars from Jon of the Shred

The best fight scene in the movie!