Cinemosity 113 – Dead Rising Watchtower

Cinemosity 113 – Dead Rising Watchtower

Cinemosity returns with another week of Video Games Month! This week’s pile of crap is DEAD RISING: WATCHTOWER which is almost obnoxious in how terribly mediocre and pointless it is. Our news includes more movie trailer stuff, comics fun, and wonderful actors and their marvellous philanthropy. Then we speak about the Toby “Tobuscus” Turner story where the extremely successful Youtube star has been accused of mental and physical abuse by AprilEfff, another successful Youtuber. We address the allegations and the environment in which this young woman existed during her time with Turner and how you can never overlook stories like this. It becomes a larger discussion about victimhood and why the abused so frequently do not come forward and the huge amount of bravery it took for AprilEfff to not only call this guy out but to go into the detail she does.

If you are dealing with trauma, depression, anxiety or any kind of mental illness of any kind and need some support, please remember that you are loved and that these are some websites that can offer you the understanding you need:
Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network
The Crisis Text Line if you’re not ready to talk to someone on the phone yet
Suicide Prevention Hotline


Our movie next week is FUTURE COPS, an unofficial Street Fighter film from Hong Kong which is totally bonkers. You can watch it on Youtube, we even embedded it after the break!

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