It Came From the Indies – Moorehead and Benson / Resolution and Spring

It Came From the Indies – Moorehead and Benson / Resolution and Spring

Aaron Moorehead and Justin Benson stormed the indie scene in 2012 with RESOLUTION a slow-burning horror film about a guy forcing his junkie friend to go cold turkey in an abandoned cabin. An extremely meta film, it is the understated and dare we say cleverer cousin to Cabin in the Woods and the Evil Dead remake. After that they made a splash with SPRING a sumptuously beautiful love story set against the backdrop of Italy but with a strong horror sensibility at its core. They also won many fans with BLOODSTORM, one of the chapters of VHS VIRAL.

Martin speaks to Moorehead and Benson about how they first came to be friends and how that led to them realizing how well they worked together. They talk about what went into making the ultra low-budget Resolution and how the ideas for the increasingly bizarre story unfolded from simple human tragedy to something far more sinister and genre-twisting.

Evan and Louise row over a beautiful sea, a marble blue with cliffs looming on the right

Then talk turns to their breakout indie hit Spring and the many facets of writing, design, cinematography and acting involved in this beautiful modern gothic horror. So much time was spent on the mythology, the practicality of what the characters experience, and a tremendous amount of time rehearsing and practicing with the cast in order to present their deep, organic performances. Justin Benson talks about the character of Louis, this impossibly beautiful, witty and intelligent woman and how he was able to sidestep that most dreaded of indie cliche: The Manic Pixie Dream Girl.

Also, who is Shitty Carl? Is there a shared Moorehead and Benson cinematic universe? These elusive answers and so much more so pull up a chair and listen in on this great chat.

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Louise sits naked in a shaft of natural light, about to kill a rabbit to save her derteriorating body