Retro Superplex 20 – NAZMULDUN

Retro Superplex 20 – NAZMULDUN

It’s late but it’s GREAT! Retro Superplex DOUBLE IMPACT looks back and the indie wrestling goings on from Wrestlemania Weekend including Ring of Honor, Shimmer, and the TWO CHIKARA shows that Martin attended at the CHIKARA Wrestle Factory. The wins, the losses, the smiles and the tears, and THE BIGGEST SURPRISE OF THE WHOLE WEEKEND happened in a CHIKARA ring and Martin is here to tell you all about it! NAZMULDUN HAS RISEN!

Martin and Justin also touch on the British video game BAFTAS that included wins for some kickass indie games! Then Martin tells you to go see Hardcore Henry.

There’s another show coming later so you’re getting spoiled rotten today!

Justin: Silverhawks! Plus pretty much any other 80’s sci-fi cartoon you care to track down
Martin: Darling
Music comes courtesy of Barry Leitch!

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