Retro Superplex 25 – Officer Warren Barksdale

Retro Superplex 25 – Officer Warren Barksdale

Retro Superplex Ex Plus Alpha comes to you this week recorded like at Philly new coolest hangout spot Amalgam Comic and Coffeehouse where you can enjoy fine beverages, baked goods, and have all your comic needs fulfilled!

barksdale1We recorded at Amalgam because our special guest was CHIKARA rookie and dedicated lawman OFFICER WARREN BARKSDALE. We talk about how difficult it is to balance being a cop and a professional wrestler and what inspired him to take on these two very demanding professions. He talks about how it felt to debut at National Pro Wrestling Day and which professional wrestlers he thinks need to be on the recieving end of some JUSTICE! Other important topics include does he ever do wrestling moves on perps? Also, is it handy to have some sort of topical cream on hand when wrestling Fire Ant? A great chat with Officer Warren Barksdale, an up and coming wrestling competitor who you can see wrestle at Live at First Energy Stadium ’16 and as part of the Wrestle Factory double-header Whisper House and The Distant Future. You can also check out every show CHIKARA has ever recorded by subscribing to Chikaratopia!

Catrina stands, smirking with Sinestro standing in the background with his former partner's hearts in his hands

We also talk about NXT, the heart-ripping carnage of Lucha Underground, and whether anybody is going to care about WWE Payback this Sunday.

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Music comes courtesy of Barry Leitch!

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