Retro Superplex 18 – Covering R.Mika Up

Retro Superplex 18 – Covering R.Mika Up


Retro Superplex comes from the back to make the save on your Friday with another fantabulous episode! The guys realized they totally forgot to talk about NXT TAKEOVER DALLAS so they run that card down, is this Sami Zayn’s last hurrah for NXT? Hopefully! The dude should be on the main roster. Then Martin and Justin get a bit serious and talk about what can only be described as Nintendo giving in to harassment with the firing of Alison Rapp after he was attacked by GamerGate people over the last few months. Why do people get so upset about videogames to the point that they court support from white supremacists? Why not just enjoy shit instead of spending all of your time hating people? It must be very stressful. THEN Martin talks about the new STREET FIGHTER V update where bugs were fixed, other issues were completely ignored, but at least we can get R.Mika covered up now with a different costume. Also ALEX is available and he is very, very fun and hopefully will make old Zangief players happy with his numerous options.

So that’s that! Hope you enjoy ALL OF THE WRESTLING over the next few days, Retro Superplex returns on Tuesday with reactions and reports on as much as possible.

Justin: PAC-MAN Championship Edition DX+
Martin: One Finger Death Punch

Music comes courtesy of Barry Leitch!

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