Cinemosity 116 – Fantastic Four (1994)

Cinemosity 116 – Fantastic Four (1994)

We saw the Met Gala pictures! We don’t do an entire show like last year but that’s because we have SO MUCH MORE! Kerry Washington is having another baby! All of those Tony nominations for Hamilton! Space Jam 2!? Jack Ryan has been recast again? That girl that’s in everything is going to be Lara Croft in a new Tomb Raider. Yeah those got less exciting towards the end. BUT then hear of the amazing Fantastic Four (1994) which was literally made without the intention of anybody ever actually seeing it!

Yes, before Marvel got their shit together at the movies they threw their IPs around like Zack Snyder throwing around his fast/slow/fast/slow explosions. Roger Corman was given $1 million and told to make a FANTASTIC FOUR (1994) movie that would allow the rights not to revert back to Marvel but to not attempt to make anything even remotely entertaining. Well thankfully Fantastic Four (1994) (the year is for the SEO so shush) is very entertaining, just not in any way possibly intended by anybody involved. This film is a dire mess full of terrible special effects, very shaky romantic relationships, and an increasingly unhinged Doctor Doom where it appears as though the actor genuinely lost his mind during shooting. Yeah, this thing is real and no, I don’t know why Arrested Development decided to make it into a joke movie in that last season. You can watch it after the break because of course that shit leaked out.

Comic Movie Month continues next week with GHOST RIDER: SPIRIT OF VENGEANCE!

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Into and outtro music from STREET CLEANER featuring guitars from Jon of the Shred

All of The Fantastic Four (1994)!

The Fantastic Four (1994) from Bob Blahloblaw on Vimeo.