Cinemosity 118 – 3 Dev Adam (Turkish Captain America and Spider-Man)

Cinemosity 118 – 3 Dev Adam (Turkish Captain America and Spider-Man)

Captain America stands in front with El Santo on one side and Spiderman swinging in for the other. This poster is not representative of the movie at all.It’s another superb Cinemosity and though news was a little dry this week, there’s still plenty to enjoy, rage over, and GUINEA PIGS! Shane Black speaks out about Iron Man 3 and how Marvel made him change his villain from female to male, Warner is going to make another woman-centered DC movie with Harley Quinn in it, and Fox has a bunch of new shows that nobody is going to watch. The tremendous article about Blac Chyna mentioned in the show is after the break, A Lethal Weapon TV show? We’re too old for this shit.

To continue COMIC BOOK MOVIE MONTH you will be submitted to 3 DEV ADAM (AKA THREE GIANT MEN), the utterly bizarre Turkish Marvel comics ripoff with a side of Mexican Lucha Libre. Turkey produced this utterly incomprehensible disaster of a movie where Spider-Man is a cackling villain who traded in his spider powers for a gun, knife and a cheap pleather belt. He is opposed by bootleg versions of Captain America and…. legendary Mexican pro wrestler El Santo! How this pairing came about God only knows, but 3 DEV ADAM is an experience unlike any other and you can see it for free on Youtube. It’s probably more entertaining than Batman v Superman. You can watch the whole movie after the break if you missed it! It’s Goddamn bonkers.

Comic Book Movie Month concludes with THE SPIRIT! It’s available on Hulu for free so have fun with that one!

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