Retro Superplex 27 – Brittany Wonder

Retro Superplex 27 – Brittany Wonder

Brittany Wonder poses in her Ms. Marvel cosplayAs if having Thunderfrog from CHIKARA was not enough this week, Martin and Justin also talked to Hoodslam’s greatest asset: “Ultra Girl”Brittany Wonder! The polar opposite to CHIKARA in many ways, Hoodslam is for grown ups and insist that you “don’t bring your fucking kids!” Brittany Wonder is the current holder of the Best Athlete in the East Bay Golden Fanny Packs and one of the top stars in the “The Accidental Phenomenon” that comes out of Oakland the first Friday of every month.

Brittany Wonder joins the guys for the entire show and does not hold back, whether it’s talking about her infamous match with Shelley Martinez (link NSFW!) or her opinions on intergender wrestling. Being that Brittany almost entirely wrestles men in Hoodslam she was the perfect person to weigh in on a subject of intergender wrestling that so far has been dominated by a bunch of dudes. Learn how Brittany Wonder helped Martin’s views on the subject to evolve perhaps understand how much politics play into keeping men and women out of the ring together. Brittany also has awesome stories and gives a little bit of insider knowledge for those not in the know about the very, very, very inside jokes that are such a big part of Hoodslam. Brittany Wonder is so fun and she already has an invitation to basically crash the show whenever she darn well pleases.

Sorry the sound quality isn’t the best, Brittany’s roommate doesn’t know how to take care of his microphone.

Next week we’ll be talking the Hoodslam show, Martin’s day of CHIKARA fun and more ‘rasslin goodness!

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Brittany: Oddworld Abe’s Oddysee and Abe’s Exodus
Martin: Breakin’! It came out 32 years ago this week!

Music comes courtesy of Barry Leitch!

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