Retro Superplex 31 – Vlad Radinov Returns!

Retro Superplex 31 – Vlad Radinov Returns!


Chikara-logoMartin and Justin are joined by their first repeat guest, the Party Tsar himself: Vlad Radinov! The in-ring voice of CHIKARA, Vlad is a Russian Ring Announcer extraordinaire. Vlad joins the show to talk a multitude of things including Chikara’s British tour as they celebrate ANNIVERSARIO! They run down some of the top matches and chat about other recent goings-on at CHIKARA such as The Infinite Gauntlet and some of the creepier occurrances that have created some of the new alliances we are seeing in the CHIKARA ring. There is also a great deal of chat about Vlad’s incredible sense of style, his jackets and furs that are the envy of all other wrestling ring announcers! A wonderful guest who will be on again! For all of your CHIKARA needs go to CHIKARAPRO DOT COM! Also check out their Youtube Channel where they’re currently running recap videos helping you stay up to date with the various storylines currently taking place at CHIKARA events!

THEN, Martin and Justin go back to the story about Street Fighter V being outsold by Pokken Tournament and the decisions Capcom made which led to this underwhelming commercial performance. Can Capcom make a comeback? Also, hear about the more encouraging news that came out of their recent investors conference!

Retro Superplex will be back on Tuesday looking at NXT, Lucha Underground and WWE (Not So) Extreme Rules and more!

Justin: Cyberball!
Martin: WCW Great American Bash 1992

Music comes courtesy of Barry Leitch!

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