Retro Superplex 26 – ThunderFrog!

Retro Superplex 26 – ThunderFrog!

Thunderfrog poses with his mighty hammer and his newly won Young Lions Cup Retro Superplex Ex Plus Alpha has another fantastic guest this week, the mighty amphibian God, the hammer weilding THUNDERFROG! Thunderfrog talks to Martin and Justin about his rebirth after his murder back in 2014 and his quest to bring goodness and light to CHIKARA. He discusses his Young Lions Cup win at National Pro Wrestling Day and his battling through the ranks to go home with more gold! How will he deal against the evil, dark force that is the veteran Hallowicked when he wrestles him in Reading PA?? Can he prevail over 32 other competitors to win a Golden Opportunity in the Infinite Gauntlet at The Distant Future in Philadelphia, PA? A magnificent interview with one of the boldest personalities in all of CHIKARA!


Then Martin and Justin talk about WWE FASTLA- I MEAN PAYBACK which was like Vince Russo sneaked in and booked an episode of Raw complete with some of the worst finishes you have seen. BUT IT’S A NEW ERA FOLKS! That’s why Raw the next night was full of Stephanie McMahon and Shane disappeared after five minutes. And what the hell was going on with that main event? Roman Reigns is still the dumbest wrestler in the world.

Get hype because Retro Superplex Double Impact will have a guest too, one of Hoodslam’s greatest assets “ULTRA GIRL” BRITTANY WONDER! It’s a big week folks! Join us on Thursday!

Music comes courtesy of Barry Leitch!

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