Retro Superplex 33 – Gungeoneers

Retro Superplex 33 – Gungeoneers

It’s another edition of Retro Superplex Double Impact! The RSP brand split continues and hmm, is it a coincidence that WWE is doing a new brand split! Conincidence?! Yeah probably Martin and Justin talk a little about what they expect from and hope for this new brand split as Smackdown moves to Tuesdays where it will be a live show rather than taped. Will there be multiple champions? Will they split the women’s division up?

Also on the show, Martin felt he had finally died enough times in ENTER THE GUNGEON to be in a position to talk about it. He loves it. What he didn’t love was Sinister 2 which he finally caught up with after being a big fan of the first one. A fun episode so do it up and we’ll see you on Tuesday for more pro rasslin’ talk: Lucha Underground, NXT and more on the brand split.

Justin: Heavy Barrel
Martin: Devil Daggers

Music comes courtesy of Barry Leitch!

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