Cinemosity 121 – Cube

Cinemosity 121 – Cube

The sad passing of the greatest sportsman of all time, Muhammad Ali, dominates the early part of the new episode of Cinemosity. An amazing athlete and a very important and resonant voice for his people, his 32 year battle with Parkinson’s Disease is an absolute tragedy but we send best wishes to his friends and family and he will forever Rest In Power. MMA fighter Kimbo Slice also passed away very suddenly Monday night at the age of 42 of heart failure. 2016 has been a real bitch. In other news Amber Herd is suing that piece of shit that alleged her entire marriage to Johnny Depp was some sort of enormous conspiracy, seriously fuck that guy. BET is going to do a Prince tribute correctly, we run down who is involved. Also great news for fans of musicals, Bryan Fuller’s new TV project is getting a great cast and Martin channels his inner 13-year-old girl as he squees about casting news concerning Pacific Rim 2!

Then in a special bonus, hear the live reactions of Kamille as she watches the epic showdown between Jeff Hardy and his brother “Broken” Matt Hardy as the two hype up a show for TNA Wrestling in one of the most horribly made dramatic vignettes ever created! If you’ve not seen this masterpiece yet there’s a cue for you to watch and you can either click here to watch it or hit play on the video embedded after the break!

This week’s movie is CUBE, the feature debut for cult favorite sci-fi director Vincenzo Natali. An extremely influential low budget sci-fi film, it tells the story of several people forced to work together to negotiate a seemingly endless succession of cube shaped rooms. Nobody knows how they got there or why they are there and it certainly helped develop a blueprint used for a lot of other movies including a number of the SAW movies, Circle and many others. Cube holds up largely due to very effective use of resources and strong character work, so check it out it’s on Hulu for free! Next week’s movie is also on Hulu, it’s I, FRANKENSTEIN featuring Aaron “Why Aren’t I a Bigger Movie Star?” Eckhart! Thanks for listening!

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