Cinemosity 124 – Cold Prey

Cinemosity 124 – Cold Prey

So the BET Awards happening this past weekend, including the highly anticipated Prince tribute. Did they live up to the hype? Did Beyonce win everything? Will Nicki Minaj be dead in the ground and still winning “Best Female Hip-Hop Artist”? Also, Jesse Williams delivered a truly amazing speech and so it wasn’t going to be long before some famous dipshit was going to try and include himself in the adulation. This week’s dipshit? Why, it’s Justin Timberlake! Truly, what a dipshit.

Then in movie news, Independence Day: Resurgence bombs in the US. Warcraft was one thing but the movie named after an American holiday? Wow. There’s a little discussion about how Roland Emmerich somehow continues to fail upwards despite his best days being looooooooong behind him. Plus, the director of Keanu took to Twitter to blame the emphasis on the titular kitten in the marketing for why it failed. Then deletes said tweets, forgetting that screenshots are a thing. Oops! There’s also an extended chat about James Wan’s The Conjuring 2, it’s really bloody good.

Our movie this week is the Wintry Norwegian slasher COLD PREY, a smart little horror film that actually kinda gets the slasher formula right and isn’t just the usual slashathon through of worthless characters. SHAME on Hulu for only having it dubbed, luckily it’s on Youtube with great, big subtitles. Check it out it’s pretty neat! Thanks for listening!

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