Retro Superplex 39 – Existential Crisis

Retro Superplex 39 – Existential Crisis

Retro Superplex returns with discussion of WELLNESS. Namely the wellness of one Mr. Romen Reigns who failed a drug test. Did this affect the booking at Money in the Bank? What else happened on that show? Well there was a good match and some junk and then some more good stuff. IN DEPTH ANALYSIS! Martin and Justin also talk about how the booking in WWE has been hampered by the impending brand split.

Then they talk about last week’s NXT and the question arises, why are we here? What does life mean? Is Nakamura the best promo in the whole damn company? Also did you see Lucha Underground last week? You should, it was tremendous. Pentagon Jr. has become this phenomenal tweener/babyface and now we just need Vampiro to join him as he heads towards Also YES! We found the Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Finn Balor (Prince Devitt) match from New Japan in 2014 it’s right under the break!

Next show will be an E3 special! Listen to Martin complain about having to go to E3 in the past like the big sourpuss he is. THANKS!

Music comes courtesy of Barry Leitch!

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