Retro Superplex 37 – A.J. Kirsch

Retro Superplex 37 – A.J. Kirsch

A.J. Kirsch as Hoodslam's ring announcer and commentator Broseph Joe BrodyA.J. Kirsch joins us on this week’s Double Impact! A.J. Kirsch is an independent professional wrestler who appeared on season five of WWE’s Tough Enough where he competed along-side the likes of former Funkadactyl Cameron and the future Lucha Underground stars Ivelisse and Marty “the Moth” Martinez! Despite not being successful A.J. has not let his love of wrestling go by the wayside, finding a new home as the master of ceremonies, ring announcer and live commentator for Oakland’s Accidental Phenomenon: HOODSLAM!


A.J. Kirsch talks his early days and coming to love wrestling right as the Monday Night Wars were heating up and who inspired him to want to step into the squared circle. We talk to A.J. a little about his experiences as part of the cast of Tough Enough but more importantly: how do you bounce back after being rejected by the biggest wrestling promotion in the world? That leads nicely into A.J.’s roles in HOODSLAM and how he realized it wasn’t wrestling he was burned out on, it was just what the big guys were presenting. Clearly the indie wrestling party that is HOODSLAM was where A.J. Kirsch was meant to be where he leads the proceedings as the bombastic bloviator Broseph Joe Brody. A really positive, enthusiastic gentleman who makes for a great listen to check it out! If you like A.J. check out our archives for our talks with HOODSLAM luminaries The Dark Sheik and Brittany Wonder!

We’ll see you next week to talk NXT TAKE OVER THE END. Hopefully the end of those graphics that always make me thing my TV is breaking. And now for a link bomb:
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Broseph Joe Brody on Pro Wrestling Tees
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Broseph Joe Brody on Facebook

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