Retro Superplex 40 – E3 2016 Sourpuss Report

Retro Superplex 40 – E3 2016 Sourpuss Report

Mid-June has just passed and that means E3 2016 has wrapped up in Los Angeles. Everybody has their views, what they’re excited about, what they’re deeply cynical and mistrusting of, and at Retro Superplex we are no different. So who “won” E3 2016 and what exactly is the prize? Sony dazzled with a stylish conference full of trailers and demos while Microsoft did their usual Microsoft-y thing while the other publishers and manufacturers displayed their wares in interesting ways. But what stood out at E3 2016? How excited are you about the current generation of consoles?

Martin relays a few stories about his visits to E3 in the past, why they weren’t all that fun and while he’s a big negative nelly sourpuss. If you liked E3 2016 that’s cool but this isn’t exactly the most effusive podcast on the subject you’ll hear. However, analysis and the problems with the culture around E3 are discussed and it’s a great listen all the same! What did you like the most from E3? Let us know @MartinNLS and @8bitanimal on Twitter!

Norman Reedus holds a tiny baby and cries.


Justin: Portal 2 just in case you somehow haven’t played it yet
Martin: The Conjuring 2!

Music comes courtesy of Barry Leitch!

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