Retro Superplex 41 – Cobra Clutch

Retro Superplex 41 – Cobra Clutch

Retro Superplex returns with a multitude of wrestling-related news and shows! Martin and Justin talk about about a variety of related topics including THE BULLET CLUB VS THE NEW DAY which actually took place last weekend and you can see in the video below. They talk the booking of, wait for it, Vader vs. Will Ospreay! They’ll settle their differences the old fashioned way! Then Martin tells WWE, who clearly are listening, exactly why they should not split the women’s division between the two brands and how they can book the women’s division to all remain on Raw! How helpful of him!

There’s also talk of another crazy Wildkat wrestling even that Justin attended and reviews of NXT and Lucha Underground from last week. They weren’t very good! Also, with the Bullet Club gaining significant momentum in Ring of Honor, is there any chance that they’re running the risk of another NWO-type situation where the invading heel faction runs roughshod over everybody else? Interesting stuff!

We’ll be back with Double Impact talking about the very rocky release of Mighty No. 9, celebrating 20 years of the N64, and much more! Thanks for listening!

Music comes courtesy of Barry Leitch!

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