Retro Superplex 47 – Goddammit Capcom

Retro Superplex 47 – Goddammit Capcom

An image of Santamu, one of Bison's dolls who is African so she has a goddamn spear and a pet monkey! UGHMartin and Justin are back with a bevy of topics. First up is EVO 2016, the largest fighting game tournament EVER. With five thousand entrants for Street Fighter V alone it somewhat validates the decision Capcom made to go ahead and release the game with features missing in order to make sure it was being played on the tournament scene. Other moments in games like Super Smash Bros. Melee and Killer Instinct were also full of amazing moments which are well worth looking for on Youtube. Check out the video after the break featuring one of Martin’s favorite battles from the whole event, The BEAST Daigo vs. Tokido in an epic Ryu vs Ryu encounter.

Unfortunately Capcom are on the shitlist too for the ridiculously expensive CPT community DLC pack and Martin just discovered that one of Bison’s Dolls is literally an African girl who fights with a spear. Really.

Also on the show, some thoughts on the Draft (this was recorded on Monday) and looks at another underwhelming Lucha Underground and a pretty entertaining first episode of The Cruiserweight Wrestling Classic.

Next episode is an interview with Thomas AKA “MrHelmut” of Flying Oak Games whose latest indie game NEUROVOIDER is currently on Steam Early Access.

Music comes courtesy of Barry Leitch!

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