Retro Superplex 46 – New Founding Fathers

Retro Superplex 46 – New Founding Fathers

A varied show of goodness for you this week! Double Impact features such amazing new features as a Pepsi taste test, Pokemon Go and another piece of video game history emerges! Martin was also lucky enough to see an early screening of the upcoming horror film LIGHTS OUT and as a discerning lover of genre film he had a thing or two to say about it! Also talk of horror leads into a conversation about THE PURGE TRILOGY and their villains The New Founding Fathers. Is writer/director James DeMonaco getting increasingly desperate about trying to get his political message across? Also, in case you missed it RETRO SUPERPLEX LIVE IS HAPPENING! Be there or be…. somewhere else!

The New Founding Fathers… that would make a great name for… something…

Justin: SSX Tricky/SSX
Martin: Night of the Creeps!

Music comes courtesy of Barry Leitch!

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