Retro Superplex 42 – Not So Mighty

Retro Superplex 42 – Not So Mighty

A packed episode of Double Impact this week! There’s a little follow-up from E3 including Microsoft backtracking on promises almost as quickly as Brexit supporters and some speculation and news on why there was no NX from Nintendo at the show.

The main topic of the show is the game MIGHTY NO.9, a slow-motion trainwreck of a video game where the problems started during the campaign and still have not ended. Martin and Justin run down the creation of the project, the delays, the broken promises, the backlash before release, the even bigger backlash post-release, and just what the hell went wrong here? They talk about why they think things went the way they did, talk about some of the key players in the whole debacle, but perhaps more importantly assure you that not all crowdfunding campaigns end up this way. There is still hope for independent development with crowdfunding being a key part in that! Don’t give up hope quite yet!

Justin: Nintendo World Cup for the NES
Martin: NeuroVoider

Music comes courtesy of Barry Leitch!

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