Retro Superplex 43 – Suicide Dive

Retro Superplex 43 – Suicide Dive

An animated gif of WWE wrestler Dean Ambrose performing the laziest suicide dive I have ever seen.Justin and a sleepy Martin bring you opinion on what’s happening in wrestling right now, which honestly isn’t a whole lot. WWE is in a holding pattern until the brand split and also seemingly until that idiot Roman Reigns comes back from suspension. So Raw was really boring this week and Martin continues his personal vendetta against Dean Ambrose by talking about Dean’s absurdly lazy suicide dive that nobody cares about but him. There’s also some chat about the incredibly long career of Dustin Rhodes and how despite some horrible gimmicks he’s still kicking, it’s really quite remarkable. Martin also recommends a Chikara show and announces that next week Retro Superplex they will be joined by KimblerLee of Chikara, Shimmer and more! That’s going to be awesome! Thanks for listening!

Music comes courtesy of Barry Leitch!

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