Retro Superplex 44 – THE FINAL DELETION!

Retro Superplex 44 – THE FINAL DELETION!

It happened, it actually happened. TNA wrestling, the Hardy brothers and Jeremy Borash managed to do the impossible. They truly captured lightning in a bottle with the incredible BROTHER NERO video with it’s ludicrous performances and unchained insanity. There’s no way it could ever be topped. Or so we thought! Somehow they topped it with THE FINAL DELETION (watch it after the break if you haven’t seen it yet). THE FINAL DELETION involved a squadron of attack quad copters, destruction of lawns, some of the most demented acting ever seen in wrestling, a terrible wrestling match, a DILAPIDATED BOAT and so much more! Watch the video and then listen to Justin and Martin revel in its greatness!

Jeff Hardy is confronted by a drone projecting a holographic image of Broken Matt Hardy

Also on the show, EVO 2016 boasts an insane amount of registrants for their weekend of fighting game greatness starting July 15th. Plus, scumbags on Youtube get outed as owning a website that allows children to gamble in a way that online PC game service Steam allows to happen. Steam is seriously broken and is facing a class action lawsuit. Also, Scream Factory has announced a director’s cut release of THE EXORCIST III, hear why Martin is so thrilled about this.

Thanks for listening, we’ll be back with two more shows next week NXT, Lucha Underground, and a very special guest in pro wrestler KimberLee!

Justin: Gradius V
Martin: Asura’s Wrath
Music comes courtesy of Barry Leitch!

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