Retro Superplex LIVE w/ Ophidian and Argus of CHIKARA!

Retro Superplex LIVE w/ Ophidian and Argus of CHIKARA!

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Ladies and gentlemen it’s Retro Superplex LIVE! Recorded as part of the 4th Annual Philadelphia Podcast Festival at the wonderful Amalgam Comic & Coffeehouse in Philadelphia, PA! Justin made the trek up from New Orleans to join Martin for the first time and who better to celebrate this with than members of the might CHIKARA roster of professional wrestlers? Martin and Justin are blessed with the presence of two scaled superstars in the forms of the Master of Snake Style OPHIDIAN and his cohort, the Gecko Roman Wrestler Argus!

The guys talk to Ophidian about his flexibility and core strength, and his many experiences making his way up over the last decade to become not only one of the most beloved CHIKARA wrestlers but also one of their trainers. Meanwhile Argus who has been wrestling for about two years has a whole difference perspective including seeing Ophidian as not just a wrestler but also his trainer and mentor. Talk moves to the excellent CHIKARA event No One’s First, And You’re Next which you can watch now via Chikaratopia and was totally awesome. Then, Ophidian and Argus talk about teaming up with old ally Amasis as part of the biggest pro wrestling event in the US: KING OF TRIOS! An incredible assembly of wrestling talent battling for one of the richest prizes in wrestling! Three days of phenomenal wrestling!

Also the most important wrestling discussion of the day: how awesome is Bobby Roode’s GLORIOUS entrance music?

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Music comes courtesy of Barry Leitch!

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