Retro Superplex 68 – Internet Rage Edition

Retro Superplex 68 – Internet Rage Edition

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It’s the Internet Outrage Edition as Martin and Justin continue the discussion of the Nintendo Switch as the Internet fallout started. It seemed like everybody had to find things they didn’t like or find things that the Nintendo Switch didn’t do in that three minute trailer so they had something to pick on in their “hot takes.” Justin and Martin talk about the over-analysis and relentless nitpicking that goes on with video game news these days, especially looking for the negativity. Why are people who never bought the Wii U complaining that the Nintendo Switch isn’t going to be backwards compatible? It couldn’t be for clicks could it? Lazy journalism? Surely not! Also, folks are up in arms about RED DEAD REDEMPTION 2 because it has the number “two” in it. Really. See you on Thursday!

Justin: Monster Party for the NES
Martin: Outlast for PC, PS4 and Xbox One

Music comes courtesy of Barry Leitch!

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