Retro Superplex 70 – Our Personal Hell in a Cell

Retro Superplex 70 – Our Personal Hell in a Cell

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Hell in a Cell just happened this past Sunday and Martin tells you what the show tells you about what Vince McMahon does and doesn’t care about. That mean old racist. Sasha Banks loses the title AGAIN, the New Day look like idiots. Pretty much everybody was made to look like idiots actually. So it was Hell alright, just a personal one for your hosts.

In other news a famous game celebrates an anniversary, a long awaited indie survival horror game gets a release month and more! Tune in on Thursday where you will hear Justin and Martin run down their top 5 favorite wrestling entrance themes of all time. Good fun!

Music comes courtesy of Barry Leitch!

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A hand-painted illustration shows Simon Belmont from Castlevania IV looking up at a huge skull as a snake comes from its mouth and starts to envelope our hero