Cinemosity 141 – Battle Beyond the Stars

Cinemosity 141 – Battle Beyond the Stars


Cinemosity begins with the continued reaping of your favorites in 2016 as this year decides to continue being as shitty as possible. There is talk of Kanye West staying in hospital as it seems his demons have finally caught up with him, we hope he gets the help he definitely needs because we want old, fun Kanye back. Then a TRIGGER WARNING is required as the crew talk about Evan Rachel Wood’s courageous coming forward about her sexual assaults. The more who have the strength and bravery to come forward with their stories the more we can push rape culture to the fringes. If you or a loved one are suffering from past or current abuse please seek some help, there are many organizations such as RAINN who are there to provide support.

There’s movie news such as the great amount of behind the scenes goings-on with Rogue One, the TWO Houdini movies in development, and the latest from Justin Benson and Aaron Moorehead! Then the movie of the week itself is the 1980 Star Wars cash-in BATTLE BEYOND THE STARS. Roger Corman worked with his largest budget to date in vague sci-fi remake of Akira Kurosawa’s seminal Seven Samurai. Though the movie itself is a bit rubbish it is historic, launching careers and being a nexus for a lot of genre film to come including James Cameron’s entire 80’s movie output. It’s worth a look!

As both Christmas AND Rogue One approach next week the gang is doing the STAR WARS CHRISTMAS SPECIAL, God help us all.

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Into and outtro music from STREET CLEANER featuring guitars from Jon of the Shred