Cinemosity 149 – The Fog 2005

Cinemosity 149 – The Fog 2005

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What do you get when you take a great John Carpenter movie, wring out all of the stuff that made it good and then add a new shitty ending and make sure it’s not at all scary? You get The Fog 2005. This lifeless, dull pile of dead pirate bones is a typical lifeless mid-00’s horror remake and is perhaps the least notable out of all of them. Quite a feat!

Next time we are celebrating our 150th episode with special guest and Retro Superplex co-host Justin the 8-Bit Animal! The movie was picked by Justin and is the Mr.T epic D.C. Cab! It’s a bit like an 80’s version of Carwash, only with Gary Busey instead of Richard Prior. Sounds great right?

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