Cinemosity 146 – The Wicker Man Remake

Cinemosity 146 – The Wicker Man Remake

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They did it, they finally did it. They talked about ROGUE ONE: A STAR WARS STORY. Oh yeah, and talked about one of the most catastrophically terrible remakes of all time, Neil LaBute’s horrendous THE WICKER MAN remake. LaBute makes every effort to remove everything compelling about the original film and replaces it with his own troubling issues with women. LaBute, well known for the misogyny of his plays and films, wears those feelings on his sleeve with this film. Nicolas Cage, a man on an island controlled entirely by women, armed with a police badge from a completely different state waves his dick around in the faces of every female authority figure and screams at everybody. Outside of the “how did it get burned” and “NOT THE BEES” this film is most memorable for LaBute’s dislike and distrust of women and that’s why this movie is as horrible as it is.

To continue the theme of bad remakes our next film is HOUSE OF WAX. Sold on the idea that you will see Paris Hilton die, which is a shockingly irrelevant and dated today, it isn’t even a remake of the Vincent Price film of the same name. It’s a lot more like the 1979 film Tourist Trap but we’ll talk about that later.

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