Cinemosity 151 – Black Mama, White Mama

Cinemosity 151 – Black Mama, White Mama

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Cinemosity returns with a movie to celebrate Black History Month; BLACK MAMA, WHITE MAMA starring that unique jewel of exploitation cinema, the great Pam Grier! Co-stars include genre favorite Sid Haig, a veteran of 70’s exploitation whose cult status has kept his career rolling along quite nicely to this day.

Celebrity talk includes the sad passing of Richard Hatch of Battlestar Galactica fame and iconic jazz and R’n’B musician Al Jarreau. The Grammys happened and as usual it was full of fuckshit, as was the online fallout as people went back and forth over whether Beyonce should have won album of the year for Lemonade (she should have) and lots of dog whistle racism. Discussion also goes into Beyonce’s evolution of a performer and how she might very well have transcended to the position of being one of the century’s most important artists. Don’t worry, we’re not joining the Beyhive or anything but her transformation has been truly incredible and deserves praise.

Quite the opposite of praise is heaped upon C’Lo Green who showed up to the Oscars as Donald Pleasance playing a background character from the terrible 80’s Flash Gordon movie. He has a new song too about Beyonce and it’s deeply, deeply creepy. He has successfully turned himself into a meme though so it’s not all bad.

In movie news, Collider says that Ben Affleck doesn’t want to be Batman anymore and as we cackle at that news we also come up with at least half a dozen ideas for a Batman movie than anything Warner can possibly come up with. The DCMU is such a trainwreck!

BLACK MAMA, WHITE MAMA is also a bit of a trainwreck but an enjoyable. Pam Grier and Margaret Markov must escape a sadistic prison on “The Island” (It’s the Philippines” but being shackled together means that their differing priorities are constantly at odds with each other. Markov must return to the guerrilla army she is somehow the leader of while Grier has stolen money from the most powerful drug dealer on The Island and just wants to escape. Sid Haig is a neo-colonialist wannabe-cowboy who is bribed by the police to track the ladies down seeing as the emasculated police force couldn’t catch a sunbeam on a clear Summer day. But what the film is really about is Euro-centric colonialism of foreign countries and the erosion of the indigenous peoples’ culture and way of life. Or at least Martin thinks so. Listen to his argument on the show!

Thanks for listening, we’ll be back with GANJA & HESS available on Brown Sugar dot com!

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