Cinemosity 152 – Ganja & Hess

Cinemosity 152 – Ganja & Hess

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PLEASE NOTE: The sound is all jacked up and Kamille got disconnected from Skype a bunch of times. This is not us at our best, our apologies.

So are you disappointed about that Chris Brown and Soulja Boy aren’t going to have a fight anymore? You might need a small change of priorities in your life. Also, fuck both of those guys stop paying attention to them. Then there’s horrifying news like Burger King buying Popeyes!? The blinding whiteness of the Young Han Solo cast is pretty bad, then there’s going to be a live action Lion King movie? Wha?

Then our movie is the legendary GANJA & HESS one of the most important black films of the 1970’s. It’s dreamlike structure with many layers to peel back which probably cannot be done justice with just one viewing. On the surface a vampire film it has deep roots in African mythology and culture with some incredibly beautiful imagery and spirit. Check it out on or buy that thing on lovely Blu-Ray!

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March is MUSICIANS IN MOVIES MONTH and we’re kicking it off with the headscratchingly weird Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band from 1978. As the name suggests it features songs by The Beatles. Being performed by The BeeGees! And Peter Frampton! Oh and Aerosmith! And… Donald Pleasance? George Burns? Yeah this movie is really fucking weird. Enjoy!

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