Retro Superplex 91 – The Emulation Episode AKA Nintendo Are Full of Shit

Retro Superplex 91 – The Emulation Episode AKA Nintendo Are Full of Shit

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As Martin and Justin look at nearly 100 episodes of Retro Superplex it is time to get serious and deal with a subject that is the bugbear of many, a thorn in the side of the video game industry and a very dark-grey area of online piracy: emulation. To tackle this in a proper manner our hosts define emulation, distinguish it from regular piracy, utterly condemn piracy, then talk about the state of emulation in the modern gaming world with a particular focus on Nintendo. Afterall, Nintendo claims that emulation of any kind harms the video game industry. This is all well and good however as you will hear, Nintendo could mitigate much of the issue by simply being better about publishing their extensive back-catalog of old games from past systems which is something they have done a dreadful job of doing since the release of the Wii in 2006. Videos referenced in the podcast can be seen below and are all required viewing when talking about digital distribution of entertainment.

A rousing and interesting conversation for sure! Please join us on Facebook or Twitter and give us your opinion on the issues of piracy and emulation and what can be done about it. We’ll be back later this week with the first annual PLEXIES!

Music comes courtesy of Barry Leitch!

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