Cinemosity 155 – Freejack

Cinemosity 155 – Freejack

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No shade, but Tyra Banks replacing Nick Cannon on America’s Got Talent? Did Nicki Minaj need to even bother responding to Remy and who “won” this beef? Then some actually kinda interesting movie news follows, then something apparently only Martin cares about even though it’s about Bladerunner 2049!

Then the movie is 1992’s FREEJACK as Musicians in Movies Month painfully rolls on. This is one of those weird sci-fi movies that tries to do a bunch of stuff other movies did only far less successfully. It stars worthless sypher character played by a bored Emilio Estevez romancing a totally disinterested Rene Russo while being stalked by a miserable Mick Jagger. It’s pretty dismal but the story behind its troubled production plays like nearly every other troubled production only in reverse where the movie was made more boring in reshoots. Check it out and even though it says we’re doing Kiss Meets the Phantom of the Park yet we’re doing an actual good movie, Brian DePalma’s wonderful cult classic The Phantom of the Paradise instead. Enjoy!

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