Retro Superplex 100 – True Retro or Simply Nostalgia?

Retro Superplex 100 – True Retro or Simply Nostalgia?

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JINDER MAHAL?! But… JINDER GODDAMN MAHAL? Nevermind, no, that’s not why we’re here. It’s been 100 EPISODES and so Martin and Justin are off to talk about one of their favorite topics: RETRO GAMING.

More specifically, in the wake of the VERY varied opinions on how Yooka Laylee is great because it’s so retro or HORRIBLE because it’s so retro: what do people WANT in retro gaming experiences anyway? Do we want games that are painstaking in their dedication to produce an experience IDENTICAL to games we played 20 years ago? Or would we prefer games that push the nostalgia buttons but introduce refinements and development tricks that have occurred since we thought the N64 controller was a good idea? Do we want brand new games that play like old games or remakes of old games?

Let us know on the Twitter machine @MartinNLS and @8BitAnimal

Music comes courtesy of Barry Leitch!

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