Retro Superplex 101 – POWERBOMB with BJ Colangelo

Retro Superplex 101 – POWERBOMB with BJ Colangelo

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Win a Stake in POWERBOMB on IndieGoGo!

POWERBOMB is described as “wrestling meets Misery” and will star indie wrestling phenom Matt Cross AKA Son of Havoc. It needs our help to reach its crowdfunding goal and we are giving one person a free $50 pledge to the film which includes a Powerbomb shirt, enamel pin social media shout out, Powerbomb sticker and a credit in the film!

All you have to do is email us and say hi at retrosuperplex at with the title “Powerbomb Contest” before 10PM EST on May 4th. One entry per person.

In the meantime, why don’t you go check out the crowd funding campaign and give them some money just in case you don’t win?

Yes you’re getting another episode already! Martin talks to BJ Colangelo about her crowdfunding campaign for a wrestling-themed horror thriller called POWERBOMB. BJ is an independent filmmaker and writes about horror for such sites as, and Birth.Movies.Death as well as being a host of the Screamcast horror podcast. They talk about how this idea grew into a full-on film concept, wrestling and horror fandom and how they intermingle (or not) casting the film with actual wrestlers and what perks you can get for investing in the project! BJ is a very engaging guest who we hope we can have back on some time to talk pro rasslin’ with us! Please enter our contest above and support the project!

Martin and Justin also talk about last week’s 205 live and NXT, especially the wonderful comic stylings of Alicia Fooooooooooxxx. A great show! See you next week!

Music comes courtesy of Barry Leitch!

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