Cinemosity 163 – Uninvited

Cinemosity 163 – Uninvited

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Cinemosity is back and you’re uninvited! Just kidding! They gang talks about the sad passing of Chris Cornell and the effect his music, death and legacy has had. Then it’s lots of movie news such as the box office success of Wonder Woman, Dan Arkroyd pointing fingers about the failure of the Ghostbusters reboot, and why Alien: Covenant might be the last in the series for a while. New TV projects are announced, one based on a webseries and the other on a beloved anime, and much more!

Then, oh boy! This week’s movie is the diabolical UNINVITED where an aging crooked millionaire and a bunch of doofus college students are trapped on a yacht with a killer cat. Yes, a cat. That is a killer. It goes without saying this movie is utterly ridiculous with some wild practical effects and lots and lots of terrible acting. It’s on so go check it out!

Next week we have a special episode as we will be just discussing WONDER WOMAN and then our movie is the South Korean cult classic THE HOST which is also on Shudder. They really should be paying us for all the plugs we give them. Ah well.

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Into and outtro music from STREET CLEANER featuring guitars from Jon of the Shred

A cat that has been subjected to experiments opens its mouth to reveal a ragged monster living inside it!