Cinemosity 173 – Reasonable Doubt

Cinemosity 173 – Reasonable Doubt

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The Cinemosity gang talk about one of the big pop culture tea spillings (is that a word?) of the Summer: Joss Whedon the Fuck Boy. Following their separation last year the former Mrs Whedon spoke about the self-proclaimed feminist and his inability to resist taking advantage of the young women he made his various TV shows with. Long-time gripes and simmering issues that many have had with Joss Whedon have come bubbling to the surface as the man believed to be one of the good guys turns out to be an adulterous philanderer and charlatan. Plus he wrote Alien Resurrection. Other news includes a GODDAMN REMAKE of the 80’s TV show Knightrider with…. John Cena and Kevin Hart. I swear to God if Kevin Hart is the voice of KITT I’m burning that studio to the ground. There’s also more shade, more on the massive pay disparity in Hollywood and MUCH, MUCH MORE!

Then the movie is Reasonable Doubt which, well, it was just a bit boring. Sadly it’s not based on the Jay-Z album, instead Sam Jackson is a serial killer? Kinda? We’re meant to feel sympathy for who? Why did name actors agree to this script? The world will never know.

Next time we thought it was time to visit the output of a true legend: BRUCE LEE! Seeing as some garbage movie just came out that purports to be about him (Bruce Lee is not the main character, don’t go see it) we’re doing Martin’s favorite Bruce Lee flick FIST OF FURY (AKA The Chinese Connection because it’s like The French Connection?) where Bruce got to flex his acting muscles as well as his many, many actual physical ones. If you haven’t seen it do yourself a favor and check out one of the greatest action stars in all of film history!

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