Retro Superplex 111 – Bianca BAE-lair

Retro Superplex 111 – Bianca BAE-lair

Martin and Justin return to talk about the Mae Young Classic, WWE’s latest experiment on the WWE Network. They talk about the tournament as a whole, praise many of the competitors and discuss where some of the entrants will end up. With some help from Dave Meltzer’s Chart ‘O’ Wrestling Ladies (my name not his) they examine some of these performers’ prospects and who they think needs to be on TV RIGHT NOW (Abbey fucking Laith anybody?). Very importantly, how did the final look? Does Shayna Baszler have a bright future, is she ready? ¬†Well maybe she will because Sara Amato, the most wonderful woman wrestler in the world, has anything to say about it! Plus how amazing is Bianca Belair? Totally fucking amazing. Also stay all the way through to hear what the guys think about that little shit PewDiePie.

Martin – Queens of the Stone Age – Villains

Justin – Sean Price’s new posthumous release: Imperius Rex

Music comes courtesy of Barry Leitch!

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