Cinemosity 178 – Halloween (2007)

Cinemosity 178 – Halloween (2007)

CONTENT WARNING: this episode contains debate of sexual harassment and assault both in the news section of the show and also in the movie section.

Get your drink ready because this episode is not the happiest. It begins with discussion of the surprise death of American treasure Tom Petty and then talks about more heads rolling as stories of harassment and assault in the entertainment industry. Screen Junkies, creators of the popular Honest Trailers Youtube series had to fire one of their founders, Nelly has been accused of rape and then there’s Harvey Weinstein. How about an industry mogul who has constructed such an intricate and far-reaching web of secrecy and corruption that a he can get away with abusing women in whatever way he pleases for DECADES? A web that implicates gigantic swathes of the entertainment industry in turning a blind eye to some of our most famous actors being abused. Well that’s Harvey Weinstein and though he has been fired he is merely one of many who abuse their power and influence to exploit women. As more stories come out and more people are named perhaps we can inch closer and closer to destroying rape culture.

If you or someone you know has faced any sort of harassment or assault and doesn’t know where to turn please consider one of the following services:
You are loved and you deserve help and support.

Our film this week is the absolute debacle that is Rob Zombie’s utter hack job remake of John Carpenter’s Halloween. Halloween 2007 puts all the emphasis on the genesis of Michael Myers in a strange, leering way that makes Michael the relatable psychopath taking out his murderous rage on slutty girls. If anybody wanted to argue that horror is misogynist, vicious and hateful garbage then Halloween 2007 makes that argument for you. Congratulations Rob Zombie, you can’t even remake a perfect film right.

Our NEXT film is an actual good and entertaining movie, the modern cult favorite Trick ‘R’ Treat which is a novel take on the horror anthology tying together a series of creepy goings-on in one town on Halloween night. Do it up!

The article from on Harvey Weinstein that Martin referenced


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