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Retro Superplex 114 – AAA Videogame Fuckshit

An image depicting the action of the video game Dead Space 2 where hero Isaac Clarke propels himself backwards from the ruined hull of a spacecraft as a horde of murderous mutant creatures pour out of the hole after him

Retro Superplex is BACK and they’re PISSED. An staunchly anti AAA videogame publisher episode was coming and this past week was the straw the broke the camel’s back when Electronic Arts killed their extremely talented development team Visceral Games. Creators of the awesome horror video game trilogy Dead Space and the totally insane hack and slash interpretation of Dante’s Inferno. After these games failed to sell eighty billion copies EA started using Visceral as a developer for hire on projects like Battlefield Hardline before snatching away the Star Wars project they had been working on since 2013 and gutting both the game and the studio. Visceral Games is just the latest in a long line of developers marginalized out of existence by the corporate waste disposal machine that is Electronic Arts. Also, Activision have a patent on the most insidious and alarming way of selling DLC perhaps ever and Capcom continues to treat Street Fighter fans like garbage with their latest Street Fighter V fuckshittery. But then Martin says nice things about Blade Runner 2049 so it’s not a total downer! Let us know on social media which Visceral Games release you enjoyed the most.

Martin – You’re Next
Justin – Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap

Music comes courtesy of Barry Leitch!

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Episode 114