Cinemosity 181 – Undisputed

Cinemosity 181 – Undisputed

When it comes to podcasts that combine gossip with bad movie reviews we are the UNDISPUTED champeens! News galore as we can look forward a black princess, shake our heads at more Tyrese idiocy and Mariah gets PAID. Then there’s some fun movie news like possible blaxpoitation remakes coming? Also Bryan Singer, we hardly knew thee.

The movie is UNDISPUTED and honestly, this movie was far more serious and slickly made than expected. The setup of a world champion boxer going to jail and then being forced into an underground boxing match against the prison champ sounds rather silly. Instead it’s a surprisingly deep documentary-like look at clashing personalities in a prison setting with no clear “hero” which leaves the moralizing and ambiguity for the audience to figure out. But this is a Walter Hill movie afterall which automatically brings it up a couple of notches by itself. It’s a pretty solid boxing movie with great performances from Ving Rhames and Wesley Snipes and it has three sequels which features neither of them.

Our next movie is to get you in the holiday spirit and it’s 1984’s DON’T OPEN TILL CHRISTMAS! Someone is killing people in Santa suits! That’s kinda it. Join us!

If you are facing a holiday season that isn’t jolly and bright, we understand that this time of year can be a sad one for many of us. If you are struggling and don’t know where to turn, here are some resources for you: 1-800-273-8255
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