Cinemosity 183 – Der Samurai

Cinemosity 183 – Der Samurai

Cinemosity is back with a really killer, surreal movie called Der Samurai and a bunch of gossip, movie news and your usual slew of injustices! H&M fuck up royally, Mark Wahlberg continues to be a douche who makes token gestures to help his PR, racists are racist, and much more! Also it looks like that sequel to Edge of Tomorrow is going to happen despite how poorly the last one did and did you know some executive wants Jake Gyllenhaal to play Batman for some reason? Plus other movie news!

Der Samurai is a remarkable little German surreal thriller which you can watch right now on Shudder or Amazon Prime Video. A young cop in a village that doesn’t respect him finds himself dragged through a nightmare by a psychotic killer in a dress, armed with a huge samurai sword. To tell you much more would spoil the experience but it’s a surprising and beautifully made film with a lot more going on than just showing you weird shit. Check out Der Samurai!

It has been a year since the passing of William Peter Blatty and so our next movie is the film he both wrote and directed, 1990’s The Exorcist III. Find out with us next time about the turmoil that went on behind the scenes which caused slews of reshoots and changes to make Blatty’s film more “Exorcist-y.” Despite the studio meddling it is a marvellous and compelling chiller well worth your time, it’s on Shudder and Bluray from Scream Factory!

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