Retro Superplex 126 – Universal FanCon

Retro Superplex 126 – Universal FanCon


The guys return with a quickness to talk about the total failure that was to be Universal FanCon. What began as a wonderful idea; a fan convention that catered to every maligned and disadvantaged group in fandom with a can made for them, has become a slow motion trainwreck smashing into a dumpster fire. Martin and his wife Sharon were going to attend the event and after not being able to cancel the hotel are heading to Baltimore anyway to make the best of a bad situation. The show focuses mainly on the event, what went wrong, and the alleged organizers and their dreadful attempts to deal with the situation. Not to mention how the more layers you peel away, the more crooked, wrong-headed and incompetent the entire organization appears to be. Mixed messages, ridiculous claims of top level members in the organization not being at fault, this whole thing has been an utter catastrophe where the biggest losers are the regular folks who supported the event be it merely as visitors or the artists and cosplayers who had already spent the money for the event and aren’t looking like they’re getting much of anything back.

Thankfully there have been some amazing reactions from local Baltimore folk who have worked to help those who had panels, goods to sell etc. with the WICOMICON event. For those that are no longer attending but had goods for sale there is also a Virtual Artist Alley showcasing the many creative folk who were royally screwed over by the FanCon organizers. More info about events happening in the city and online can be found by perusing the #UniversalFanCon hashtag on Twitter.

For more info and insight on what went wrong we recommend the following articles:
Universal Fan Con: Peeling Back the Layers – Women Write About Comics dot com
It Be Your Own People: On Universal FanCon and the Perversion of Community – The Root

Our hearts go out to you if you’ve had your money, faith and trust screwed up by this unscrupulous group of liars and cheats.

Music comes courtesy of Barry Leitch!

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